A Conviction For DWI Charges Could Impact Your Life For Years

Thousands of people are convicted of DWI charges across the nation annually. Sometimes, defendants plead down to a lesser charge, or they have their charges dropped. Most people that are charged of driving while intoxicated end up convicted, too. People rarely think about the consequences of their actions, though, especially under the influence. A single conviction could have long-lasting ramifications that hurt individuals more than they realize.

All 50 states impose harsh penalties for individuals convicted of DWI charges. For instance, a suspended or revoked license is likely, and that outcome is guaranteed for repeat offenders. Convicted persons are often required to spend time in jail and pay hefty fines. Community service and rehabilitation classes are sometimes necessary, too. Such penalties are commonplace, and plenty of other consequences arise. 

Obviously, the average person cannot live a normal life without a license. A license is required to drive, and most people drive to work no matter how far away they work. Losing one's ability to drive a car means public transportation and asking for rides becomes the norm. Quite a few people lose their jobs after a DWI conviction because they miss one too many shifts or arrive late. In some cases, DWI convictions can disqualify a person from certain employment opportunities.

Depending upon the consequences, DWI charges could ruin a person's life. Driving while intoxicated is a personal decision and a judgement call, which means those convicted of this crime are 100% at fault. An individual should think twice before he or she decides to drive while intoxicated and potentially face these consequences soon after. DWI charges are incredibly serious from a legal standpoint, and a lawyer should be hired immediately to fight against the charges.